Saturday, 7 May 2011

Updating on my dobie-life

A lot has happened over the last months. I know I have been pretty quiet but it is hard to do so many things at the same time for a dobie like me.

My human mom's oma is very sick. She has lung cancer. I don't really know much about it but I know Oma is feeling really poorly and that talking about it makes my mom very sad. She is not going to get better. Every night we are going to the nursing home and I get to cuddle with Oma. She still loves my dobie-cuddles.

I can't stay the afternoons with Oma anymore but I am a big boy and I stay at home when mom works, it is only 5 hours and I am really good at it! I go with a lady and her dogs for a walk when mom is at work, so it really is less then 5 hours being alone. Wanna see what I do when I am home alone? Mom set up a webcam to spy on me!

Two new ferrets came to live with us after Xena went over the Rainbow Bridge, but one of them was not very healthy. One night she feel asleep and she never woke up again. Her name was Smart (after a car brand). It was really really sad.  She was a very pretty ferret, but she didn't like me very much.

One of the ferrets is doing good though, her name is Ferrari (yes, also after a car) and she is really funny. She loves to play with me and I really am trying to be a good boy and careful  when I play with her.  She is really pretty too, a little bit of a dive though!

Here you can see her first time walking outside on her lead, I do this a few times a day but for Ferrari is seems like that is a big thing, maybe because she is so small?

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  1. You are so cute pal. You are doing what M thinks I do too when they are gone - nap! Can never have too many naps. Awww your Ferreri is so cute too.