Friday, 7 August 2009

Interview with Mortadam’s UNK Hella Hedgie

1. What is your full name?
Mortadam’s UNK Hella Hedgie

2. What is your favourite nickname?
I don’t really need nicknames. I’m kinda like Madonna- one name says it all: Hella! However, mom does sometimes call me Hell’s Bells, Spikey Speedo, Grumpy Hog or Hellacious.

3. If your humans want to spoil you, what should they get for you or do?
I am all about treats! I love mealworms, cucumber, watermelon and especially hummus! I also will never turn down the chance to play with a toilet paper roll. Cardboard not only tastes delicious but also makes fantastic headwear!

4. What is your favourite spot in the house?
My pigloo, which is in the northwest corner of my spacious cage, is the highlight of my pawsonal space. I keep it stuffed with blankets, toys and of course my Speedo collection. I also enjoy running around the living room and making messes for mom to clean up, I worry about her not having enough to do.
5. What is the most exciting thing you ever did?
When I was only eight weeks old I flew from my original home in Dallas, Texas to my current one in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was a long flight but I didn’t mind it! I think mom was more upset about the whole thing than I was! Everyone with the airlines took really good care of me and I was able to use mom’s guilt to get extra mealworms.
6. What is your favourite game?
Best game ever: climb onto your mom’s shoulder and make her think you are snuggling, then pull her hair with your paws or teeth! The noises my mom makes crack me up every time! I am also known as a bit of a pawty animal so I never say no to a good game of any sort with my anipals!

7. If there are any humans or anipals from Twitter you want to mention you can do that here... I'll post as many as you like.
I have so many! To start with are my role models @SirFudgeEsq & @PepiSmartDog, and my bestest pal @TheNibblor. I’d also like to give a spikey shout out to @SidTheCatahoula @JazzyDaCat @DottieGP @CathyKeisha @ZackRabbit @MedusaJ! And of course my very first anipal- @fuzzypigz! Thanks to you, @dobie_evgeni for interviewing me!


  1. Hella You are a prickly star!!

  2. i never realized just how cute you are, my hedgie friend! we have lots in common- i chew on my person's hair as well and it makes her laugh! loved the interview. @dreamerdiary

  3. You are so very cute. I learned a lot about you in this interesting interview.

  4. Thanks, Evgeni! It was fun to be interviewed, you are a great anipal! *hedgie hugs*

  5. HedgieWedgie...PepiSmartDog here: (manly) hugs & cuddles & kisses. U are SOOO cute !! Love Ur interview!! Glad fame is calling Ur name...U deserve it little man. XXXX
    I've gone all protective & gooey knowing I'm one of Ur role models !! U warm an old codger's heart! Look at Ur little smile !! Hedgies *tickle* *tickle* xxxxxxx
    (sorry about getting carried away kissing U ! Ur so darn cute! )

  6. Hella, this is such a cool interview, you a such a cool Hedgehog. Hats of to you Mr Spikey! xx