Saturday, 18 July 2009

Ask Evgeni #1

@LadyDoodle asked me:
What is your favorite food? I ask because IAATF (it's all about the food)
I really am not a big eater, I do eat because I have too but I am a fussy eater (that is how my mom calls it).

There are a few things I do like though... love even! I love bullysticks! You can wake me up for those.
I also like the dried chicken strips mom cuts up to use to train with me. I only get them when we are training.
I like cheese too, the Gouda kind we have in the Netherlands. Mom says it is human food and she only gives me a tiny piece and not very often.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for answering my question. Fussy eater eh? Don't think anyone would accuse me of that. Tee Hee. I do like all the things you mentioned, but don't get them often enough. Mostly kibble. Mom does make chicken liver biscotti for me at Christmas. That stuff is awesome and I share it with all of my friends. By the way when is Christmas? I could use some of that biscotti right now.