Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Interview with Poppy

1. What is your full name?
My full pedigree name is Ruddlands R-Miss-Tiss Girl but everyone calls me Poppy (get it? I was born on Armistice Day 1999)

2. What is your favourite nickname?
Most peeps call me Pops but my boy-furiend calls me popperwompers

3. If your humans want to spoil you, what should they get for you or do?
Any sort of food treat makes me happy or trips out in the car

4. What is your favourite spot in the house?
My big brown leather Beanbag in the living room or on my mum’s knee

5. What is the most exciting thing you ever did?
I am nearly 10 year old and done many exciting things I once came second in a Open Dog Show in Newark but didn’t like showing so gave it up after that, I also went to stay at the seaside in a caravan with my Aunty Jo and sister Charley at Filey North Yorkshire for a few days I really missed my mum & dad but had ice cream fish & chips while there.

6. What is your favourite game?
Running around the coffee table like Taz the Tasmanian devil with my Dad chasing me

7. If there are any humans or anipals from Twitter you want to mention you can do that here... I'll post as many as you like.
My Tweeter furiends that I’d like to shout out to are my boy=friend @hanseebundee and my bestest gurl-furiend @molliewestie and my dad @smido


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  2. Dobieeee Evgeni ur interview of my girlfurrrind Poppy is loveleee thnx!

    Popperwommmmmpers i am so proud of u hun! ur pic is so prettee an i read things bout u i never knew til now! not only are u beeautifull an smarrt, now u are faamous 2!

    love u babe!

  3. Great interview Evgeni! We love Poppy and Hans.
    Their love always make us happy.
    *tail wags*
    Taz the Tasmanian devil... heheh

  4. Wow what a great interview!! Well done Poppy.

  5. Very nice interview and great picture, too. I hadn't known the reason for Poppy's name but now that I know, very appropriate.:)

    Hanseebundee and Poppy are an adorable couple:):)

  6. Pop - I enjoyed reading your interview and learning more abot you. Purrs to a nice doggie. Ladycat3 here.