Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Interview with Jadzia Dax of Poogie

1. What is your full name?
My full name is Jadzia Dax of Poogie. Jadzia Dax is a Star Trek character. I simply cannot believe Mom named me after a Star Trek character! I already ranted about that on my blog! The last part, Poogie, is my grandpa's nickname when he was a kid, so that's okay. I'm just glad they call me Jazzy. Or Jazzy the Amazing Wiener. Or as you said, Jazzy the Amazing SuperWiener! ha ha! :)

2. What is your favourite nickname?
Um, I'd have to say "little girl" is my favorite. When Momma calls me that, I just melt. She calls me her sweet little girl. I'm not really that sweet, but so long as she thinks it, I'm happy.

3. If your humans want to spoil you, what should they get for you or do?
Me? Spoiled? Never! Well, maybe. Um, I really like turkey! And ham! And steak! Can we say I'm a carnivore?! I love food, but especially turkey! As for what my humans can do for me, I live to have my belly rubbed! Or held in Mom's arms like a baby. Katie makes fun of me, but I don't care!

4. What is your favourite spot in the house?
It used to be sleeping on top of my brother, Grady. He was so big, it was like I had a huge, soft, warm bed. But since he went to the Rainbow Bridge last year, I'd have to say lying in my new bed, under the covers, right next to where Mom works. Of course, Katie always tries to lie on top of me. She's got this whole "sleeping on top" thing mixed up! Dopey Doberman (no offense!). She's just not as smart as Grady was.

5. What is the most exciting thing you ever did?
Well, I did almost die when I broke my little back two years ago, but that really wasn't exciting. It was kinda scary! As for the most exciting, I think when my picture was printed on the front page of USA Today last year. Mom entered me, Grady, and Katie's picture in a contest, we made the top twenty, and the editors of the newspaper picked my picture to promo the contest on the front page! I was famous 'cause millions of people got to see my cute little face (her words, not mine, although I was cute in my blue sweater!). Mom bought every paper in the entire town, she was so proud of me! Woof! Woof!
6. What is your favourite game?
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE tug-of-war! I may be little, but boy, I can sure hold onto whatever it is I have! I growl, snarl, and bite like a big dog! Katie tries to pull the toys out of my mouth, but I hang on like nobody's business! Mom said one of these days I'm gonna go flying through the air 'cause I don't let go!

7. If there are any humans or anipals from Twitter you want to mention, you can do that here...
Well, of course you are one of my favorite dog pals, so make sure to tell everyone. :) We also just love @BuddyThePuggy @sullyburger @Angel7745 @Mamadoxie @PinkandSion and @BloodhoundNdots. Oh, and if I don't mention Mom, she'll hurt me @tylerdogcards. All ya'll make us laugh!

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  1. Jadzia! Very nice to get to learn more about you.