Friday, 3 July 2009

Interview with Dr. Pepi Price, PhD.(c)

Hi to everyone and thank you for this opportunity.

Full name

I'm known as Dr. Pepi Price, PhD.(c); also The Mystery Pusher Rider. I am glimpsed racing along local roads most afternoons on my 7km run. Behind the pusher is "her". I'm 18 yrs, legally blind, 95% deaf. Riding my pram allows me to rest my legs & gives time to think of my research. I "graduated" from Animal Welfare 'Golden Oldies' in 2004, at the age of 12 (84 yrs); at the age of 18 (126) I earned my Hon. PhD.(c); Dogtor of Philosophy (Canine)

Favorite nickname

Indian: "Pepi Rama, "a knowing all guru." Latin: Gasius Farticus Maximus. Off duty playful: Porkus.

Humans want to spoil U, what should they get for U or do for U

Get me a segway. (I'm in the pram daily; ride a skateboard.) Next: shave my hair sleek. (Stand-in seal work sought at Sea World.) Bathing; modeling outfits (A visiting Melbourne musician, seeing my suit, immediately wanted to know the name of my Hong Kong tailor); photo shoots (some last > 3 hrs.) My favorite meal: spicy Mexican. Favorite treat: German pastries.

Favorite spot in the house

On either of my central triple folded feather doona giant beds; one covered with a mink coat, one sheepskin. The heater is on.

Most exciting thing U ever did

Live daily as a canine 'scolar' & gentleman. My good life began when I "graduated" from Golden Oldies Animal Welfare League (AWL). Local & reginal news media interviews followed, plus photo shoots, you name it. At 18 I earned a Hon. PhD.(c) for my dogtal thesis: "The effects of dietary "Spam" on canine pMail". Now I'm webbed & twittered.

Thesis background: This pMail question has dogged the canine world since the time of industrial revolution. Methodology: The research involved much leg work, on the streets and in the field. Research Tools: Eating. Peeing. Sniffing.

(My friends and admirers are, rightly amazed, 'higher learning' has NOT gone to my head.) I still do my daily chores: bring in the mail, take out the trash, bring in the groceries, oversee security, etc; I still talk to 'ordinary' dogs and cats!

Favorite game

Pick a Card: rules: (10 pack OK) You pick a card, then I pick one; then you, me; you etc, till all cards are out. Then we shred the cards. Take a pee. Take a nap. On twitter, I'm a champion Jig Dancer, and leader of VladimirCat's Old Pirates Jig Dance Group! My paw dexterity gets me in.

Any humans or animals to mention

"She" who pushes the pram, fluffs my doonas, & turns the heater on. "He" who cooks my steak, takes me on quiet walks, & helped me with my Dogtal thesis.

Bonnie ( Great Dane X ), part of my crew on our run, Susie & Monty also good anipals.

VladimirCat, Beagle1200(Lex), Mrs Fishsticks, BadLadMrFudge, Pipercat1, PrincessGwennie,

My invitation to all humans remains open: " Go ahead. Make your day - pat me. Spoil yourself."


  1. That was a very informative and interesting interview with Dr Pepi, he has had such a long and interesting life. I hope I am as wise and learned as him when I reach my senior years. Teagan x x

  2. Dr. Pepi is so smart and humble! I want to be like him one day!

  3. BOL! DR.pepi u is ver smart and pawsome!!

  4. Absolutely luv ur blog. So funny. I had to sign up as a follower. Especially luv ur command of Latin and the nickname Gasius Farticus.
    Keep us laughing. Confucius Cat

  5. You are a smart doggy and so handsome! Your thesis background is quite interesting. *nosetaps* and thanks fur sharing.

    Madi and Abi
    The Kritter Kommunity

  6. Dr. Pepi is beyond cool! He is super COOL!
    I love him! (hehe Its a secret so don't tell!) He's the BEST! Thanks for telling the story, Evgeni! Great article!

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