Friday, 31 July 2009

Interview with Shawnee

1) What is your full name?
Shawnee. Just Shawnee. On my cage tag at the shelter it said my name was "September" but what kind of name is that? Besides, mom always says "New life, new name." @henryandfriends calls me "Shornee" - that is so cute it makes me thump my tail.

2) What is your favorite nickname?
When I was little my mom used to call me her "Little Munchkin." Then when I grew up, she called a foster dog "Munchkin" and I got very upset. I told mom that is my special nickname and she cannot say it to any other doggie. So she never did that again and even now that I am 8 years old and big, when mom says "Who's my Little Munchkin?" I get all happy and say "Me, it's me!" by wagging my tail super fast.

3) If your human wants to spoil you, what should they do or get for you?
Take me hiking! That is my most fave thing in the whole wide world. We have been hiking 10 miles at a time but have even done as much as 14 miles in one hike. I could do more than that if mom didn't poop out on me. You can read about my hiking adventures (and other stuff) on my blog.

4) What is your favorite spot in the house?
Paws down that would be my hidey spot. It is my bed on the floor at the far side of mom's bed between her bed and the wall. Nobody but mom is allowed to come back there but I have been letting my sis, Dixie, sleep in my hidey spot because she is getting old and can't hike with us any more. When Dixie is in my hidey spot, I sleep on mom's bed.

5) What is the most exciting thing you ever did?
One time mom took my sis, Dixie, and me far away to St. Louis, MO. It was a 16-hour drive from New Jersey in the car. Mom had to go there to fix up a house she was renting out. While mom was inside painting, Dixie and I were catching some sunbeams on the deck. Then Dixie and I decided we would see if we could get the gate open. Bingo! Off we went to check out the neighborhood and do some sightseeing (or more like sightsniffing). Unfortunately, it did not take mom long to discover we were missing. She had launched a neighborhood search party in 30 seconds flat and we were nabbed only two blocks away from the house. Oh, were we in BIG trouble! Mom was going on and on about having a heart attack. But it was so exciting - Dixie and I had the best time!

6) What is your favorite game?
I was at doggie summer camp in upstate New York a few years ago and I got to do sheep herding. Whoa! You should have seen me run like the wind herding those sheep! It was so much fun! We don't have any sheep where we live so I don't get to play that game any more :(

7) If there are any humans or anipals from Twitter you want to mention you can do that here... I'll post as many as you like.
First, I have to mention @marleyterrier because he forgot to mention me in his interview. BOL! (just funning with you, Marley!) I know it is hard to mention everyone and I am sure I will miss a ton of my pals, but off the top of my head I will start with @boriskitty, @manxington, @BadAndy_KityKat, @Gabby_da_Tabby @schnille @TruckindogKarma @ZackRabbit (love his cooking show and videos) @LouPeb @ReeseKitty @gafunnyfarm @Dunkin_the_Cat and I have to stop myself now or I will go on and on and on…

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  1. Great intereviw! I learned so much about you.