Friday, 24 July 2009

Interview with Robert Marley, King of the Island of Bequia

1. What is your full name?
My full name is Robert Marley, King of the Island of Bequia. Bequia is an island in the Caribbean where Daddy's Uncle Hodge lives and is the home of reggae music (which has the (slightly) more famous Marley). Dad actually wanted to call me Frank Zappa, but mommy wouldn't let him. Sensible Mummy.

2. What is your favourite nickname?
Of course, everyone calls me Marley but sometimes Daddy calls me "Little Boy" (or Frank, when Mummy is not listenin').

3. If your humans want to spoil you, what should they get for you or do?
I love to have a chewy stick to take into the garden but most of all I like to have some time to snooze on Daddy's lap. It's the most comfortable place in the world. When I'm not nappin' I like to play zoomies with my sister, Lola, and to follow my little boy William around as he is always doing interesting things and is very kind to me an' Lola. I also love to get tickled behind my ear (we call that gettin' wuzzes).

4. What is your favourite spot in the house?
There are two places I really like: first, is the beanbag in the lounge by the fire (especially if the fire is on); second, is the steps outside the back door from where I can survey the garden and keep the 'orrid Biscuit (next door's cat) under close surveillance and make sure the squirrels do not steal food from the bird table. There is a photo of Lola an' me there.

5. What is the most exciting thing you ever did?
I recently went to Herne Bay to look for fossils with William and had my first taste of the sea. I don't really like water but if I am to spend my retirement in Bequia with Daddy then I best get used to it (at least that is what Daddy says). Another thing I always get excited about is going back to the farm where I was born when the family go on holiday. My "real" mummy and daddy and lots of my brothers and sisters still live there and we go on endless walks and the nice lady who runs the farm, Julia, lets me sleep on the sofa and gives me beef on Sunday.

6. What is your favourite game?
My favourite game is to pinch Lola's chewy stick and run away with it. She is only a pup and cannot keep up with me so I always win.

7. If there are any humans or anipals from Twitter you want to mention you can do that here... I'll post as many as you like.
Such a difficult question! There are so many kind and lovely anipals on Twitter who are my friends. However, I always give a mention to @henryandfriends as he is the world's nicest animal and like a Jedi Matser to us all. Also, I love @kolo_martin and he is starrin in the movie I am making. There are some nice lady dogs who keep me blushing like @teaganthedog and @2jacksandastaff. I also always enjoy talkin with @emmythecat @lexingtonthepup @woo100 @ri_guy @scottieterror @pinoytarsier @sidthecatahoula @dog_crazy @hanseebundee and @poppy_dog cos they always make me happy and larffin'. @jazzydacat makes me laugh all the time. @jedbramwell looks after me in the mornin cos he is in Canada. And twitter wud not be the same without all my border terrier chums such as @lolaterier @borderpup @fergusbt @terrorterrier @tonysez @diamondbertie @thegobros @zivabt @caberbt @btuniverse and all the nice ladies who tweet for their BTs (you know who you are :o). The best fun about twitter of course is that there are always new people coming along to make it even better. Wuzzes for them all.


  1. Brilliant! Jazzydacat Rocks!!! Nice interview Ev!!!!

    Ooops! It wuz Marley's interview! Wicked innit!!!


  2. super interview...

    enjoyed reading it alot...